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Moisture Control

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Moisture control help in High Point

In addition to direct pest control services, Venom Pest Solutions is also able to help you address moisture control issues you may be having. Moisture is a serious issue in homes and commercial buildings that can not only cause structural damage, but can also provide a habitable environment for a variety of pests.


It is beneficial to get ahead of any moisture issues in a building. When moisture gets in the walls or sits around the foundation it provides a breeding ground for fungus, mold, and pests. We offer moisture control inspections and services for our clients to help prevent these problems and address any issues with water.


Moisture that sits around the foundation or seeps in through cracks can eventually cause breakdown of the building materials and provide access for a variety of unwanted guests. Let us take a look at your foundation and evaluate how sound it is currently. We'll look for any potential issues and let you know what we find.

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Moisture can also seep into wall and floor cavities, causing damage and failure of the structural materials. Not only can we assess your walls and floors and look for any unwanted moisture, we can also help you address anything we find that looks like it may be a problem area. Call us today to schedule a free estimate and we'll come take a peek.
Moisture control service provided by professional in High Point, NC
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